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    Saint Joseph Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, Scranton, PA, is a local parish of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton.

    CELEBRATING 123 YEARS IN SCRANTON in 2019.    We are one of the three oldest churches in our Eparchy .

    Founded by Lebanese immigrants in the late 1890s, we are a faith community that has withstood many trials and tribulations. Today we continue to witness to the Gospel of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania: concentrated in the Lackawanna Valley.  Our faithful parishioners and friends hail from Albany to Philadelphia and areas surrounding.

    Patriarchate of Antioch. Catholic but not Roman, Byzantine in Tradition, brothers and sisters of the Orthodox East.

    Visit the Eparchy of Newton website at    www.Melkite.org for more information!







    Saturday, February 15th=    Saturday of the Dead        Divine liturgy: 9:00 a.m.

    Monday, February 10th—Sunday 16th>>>      Meat-fare Week =   Last week to eat meat before Lent

    Sunday, February 16th    Youth Religious Education after the Divine Liturgy: Church Hall

    Saturday, February 17th—Sunday 23nd>>>>>Cheese-fare Week=Last week to eat diary before Lent

    Sunday, February 23rd    Forgiveness Vespers after Divine Liturgy

    Great Vespers and Ceremony: 11:30 a.m. Ice cream Social=   After the Divine Liturgy

    Monday. February 24th     Great Fast Begins





    2020 ENVELOPES AND CALENDARS are in the rear of the church.  House Blessings sign up sheet after Feast of Theophany.  House Blessing info on the Devotions TAB


    Please visit facebook for the most updated liturgy time changes. Use the ‘contact us’ page to update your cell phone & email info so you can be contacted that way.


    Prayers are still requested for the complete return to health of Father Christopher!


    Thank you everyone who helped in any way for our recent Food Festival. It was a great success. Your hard work was truly appreciated and we thank God for our fantastic weather which brought out great crowds.


    VISIT our new DONATE page through paypal or instructions for AMAZON SMILE. (please update your new Amazon Smile number link as of 7/16/2018


    See our facebook page for photos & current events
    Saint Joseph Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, Scranton
    For current events contact alternate email address at     melkite.scranton@gmail.com
    Church email address is    stjosephscranton@gmail.com
    See our “ABOUT” tab for: The First 100 years of St. Joseph Church used for our Centennial Celebration Oct. 1997.