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    Saint Joseph Melkite Greek Catholic Church is a local parish of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton.  CELEBRATING 117 YEARS IN SCRANTON.

    Founded by Lebanese immigrants in the late 1890s, we are a faith community that has, thank God, withstood many trials and tribulations. Today we continue to witness to the Gospel of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ throughout South-Central New York State and Eastern Pennsylvania: From Binghamton and Albany to Philadelphia, concentrated in the Lackawanna Valley.

    Patriarchate of Antioch. Catholic but not Roman, Byzantine in Tradition, brothers and sisters of the Orthodox East.  Visit Melkite.org for more information!

    See our facebook page for photos & current events  Saint Joseph Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, Scranton


    Coming Soon: The First 100 years of St. Joseph Church used for our centennial celebration Oct. 1997.